We’ve got the keys!

Today we picked up our brand new motorhome.  After a very thorough handover we were on the road (we had already sorted out tax and insurance).  After about 20 seconds my husband was already asking me to see if I could find what was making the rattle sound around my seat.  Mmmm, I think he is going to have to get used to that!

When we got the keys.  Shame the weather was a bit dull.  It perked up later in the day.
We got it home and immediately started to fill it with our ‘essentials’.  I imagine half of it will reemerge at some point when we realise we don’t need it.  One thing we are struggling with is kitchen items.  They don’t pack all that well and are very rattly.  That’s not going to go down well with my husband.  There are only two drawers in the kitchen and they are very deep.  I need to have a think about a storage solution so I will come back to you on that.

We tried to be methodical and weighed everything as it went in.  In a further post I will try to document everything that we packed to give you an idea.  We also took it down to a local weighbridge to get an idea of the weight.

Motorhome selfie!
So we’re set and my husband is planning to use it for a work trip tomorrow night.  We also have a wedding coming up that we are planning to use it for so we can give it a couple of test runs before our daughter sleeps in it.  She is just at the age where she pulls herself up onto her knees and feet so I want to be completely comfortable that she will be safe.  We will work through a few solutions and I will write a further post on our solution.

In the mean time, thanks for reading!

I need to get one of these for the rig!

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