Weekend in bonny Scotland

We went for a long weekend up to my husbands home land of Scotland for a big family reunion. We booked to stay one night in Edinburgh at the Caravan and Motorhome Club site at Silverknowes.
IMG_4929  IMG_4938
This was a great site. Very clean with great pitches. Unfortunately there were no children on the site for our daughter to interact with but it was really geared up for kids. It had a great kids play area which even featured a cute Bug Hotel.
The ‘Bug Hotel’
Again I would say the play area was aimed at children slightly older than our daughter. But it was all very clean and safe. It had a separate baby and toddler wash room with a small bath with little shelf seat in it, a large change table and even had a little tiny toilet!
Kids play area at Edinborough Silverknowes Caravan and Motorhome Club site
The adult facilities were very good and clean. One thing I did like was the shower was an on/off tap. Much better than those push buttons. They’re the worst, you get soap in your eyes and the water stops and then you can’t find the button to wash it off! There was a well organised washing up and rubbish facility. You could buy a few provisions in the reception where the staff were really happy and helpful. We also saw the wardens on a regular basis checking the site.
The pitch
There is a bus straight into Edinburgh centre a short walk from the site which only costs £1.60 for an adult single ticket. You need exact change mind or they won’t let you on! The site also runs a minibus into the centre every half an hour until 2pm.
One added bonus was the incredible view we found hiding just behind some trees. Over the road from the site and down about 50 steps through a wood snicket we came across a view of the estuary and Forth Rail Bridge. There were people riding bikes, jogging and walking their dogs. The weather was glorious! We only wish we could have stayed longer!
Glorious view of the forth rail bridge and estuary
The site cost £25 per night, for that we would have expected a water point at the pitch which there wasn’t. And a restaurant / bar / cafe would have been useful. For that reason I am going to score it a 4.5 out of 5.
We only stayed here one night. Next stop Strathclyde Country Park Caravan and Motorhome Club site.
We had two nights in Glasgow.  On the way from Edinburgh we stopped at the Falkirk Mariner Centre pool as it was tipping it down.  It was a great facility for kids with plenty of slides and things to play with as well as a wave machine.  Our daughter wasn’t so sure about the waves as they were quite big but you could sit right back out of the way and just have them lap at your feet.  The centre also has a gym, cafe and soft play for little ones.
Also on the way over to Glasgow we spotted The Helix which looks great for kids if the weather is a bit better.  As well as tons of activities for kids it has two giant horse head sculptures which are called the Kelpies.
One thing to bear in mind travelling to the Strathclyde Country Park is the road network.  The roads are going through some extensive works which haven’t updated on Google Maps yet so you need to have your whits about you.  There are also a number of unplanned road closures which can cause significant diversions which you might not be expecting.
The rig at the Strathclyde Country Park Caravan and Motorhome Club site
Overall though the site was great.  I am starting to see a theme with Caravan and Motorhome Club sites.  The baby and toddler facilities were exactly the same.  We also made use of the laundry facilities this time to dry our towels.  A bit expensive at £1 for 15 minutes but it was worth it to have dry towels again!
There was also a kids play area, shop and minibus into town which we took advantage of this time.  But again there was no restaurant / cafe / bar.  One nice touch I liked was a planter with herbs with a sign saying ‘help yourself’.  You might not think to take herbs away with you for cooking so it was a nice touch to add a bit of flavour to your ‘meals on wheels’.
Nice touch, help yourself to free herbs.
I give this site a 4.5 out of 5 for lack of restaurant.
One thing I did try that I have always wanted to when I went to Glasgow is a deep fried Mars Bar.  This sounds like a truly magical experience and one I have wanted to try at least once in my life.  And what better place to experience it than at the fish and chip shop where Justin Bieber went for battered Haggis and chips back after an all night sesh in October 2016.  Well if it is good enough for the Bieb’s then it is good enough for me!  Magic!

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