And then there were 4!

So bump turned into baby in February bringing our total family unit to four. A toddler and a baby in a motorhome. This is going to be fun!

With baby just 5 weeks old we are ready for our first trip in the rig since last October. (I didn’t fancy clambering up above the cab with a big bump!)

We are heading to Chester, just for a couple of nights, as a trial run. We are planning a big trip to Europe in the summer and we want to see how everything works.

After much deliberation (do we overthink it?) we decided that our oldest would continue to sleep over the garage, we would continue to sleep over the cab and baby would sleep in her Moses basket on the bench seat. That way I can look down from our bed and see her in the night.

We have had to bring so much more stuff this time and when we go away in the summer I am sure we will be full to bursting! What with 2 different size nappies, clothes, pushchairs and car seats we are bound to have forgotten something! I am planning to start a list now ahead of the Europe trip to ensure we don’t forget anything then. There is one thing managing without something for 2 nights in the uk and quite another being without something for 3 weeks in Europe!

We have also had to rethink travelling. There are 2 full seatbelts on the forward facing bench seats and 2 lap belts on the rear facing seats. Our 2 year old used to sit in her car seat on the forward facing bench seat and I could switch between the front passenger seat and next to her.

We toyed with the idea of putting both the toddler and baby next to each other in their car seats on the forward facing bench seat but that meant I couldn’t see baby at all as her seat is rear facing. We decided the toddler would travel in the front with daddy and baby would be on the bench seat with me.

So far so good.

Many a time our toddler has been travel sick in the motorhome while travelling. Cleaning sick out of the nooks and crannies of a car seat is a nightmare! I came up with a genius solution for this trip. She now wears her pelican bib on long car journeys. That way if she is sick her clothes and crucially the car seat are protected. The only downside is she thinks she’s getting food!

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