Trip to France – Chateau Gandspette

As I mentioned in my previous post we broke the 800 mile 14 hour journey into three parts. The first part was home to Chateau Gandspette just outside Calais which took about 6 hours. From here we travel to Les Alicourts near Orléans which will take about 5 hours. The final 3.5 hour journey will take us to Peneyrals. This is travel time not including stops, of which there will be plenty to feed the kids.

We have stayed at Chateau Gandspette before. It is a really lovely site set in the grounds of a 19th century chateau and one you could stay a few days on.

It is great for kids with a huge pool and plenty of play areas. The climbing frames are shaped like utility vehicles and trains and there is even an adult exercise area.

It may have plenty of things for kids to do but it isn’t very well equipped for babies and toddlers. There are no baby bathing facilities so any more than a stop over with young ones would be a struggle.

It isn’t far off the main trunk roads heading south and is a good place to stock up on wine before the journey home. We stayed here on the way down and we will stay again on the way back.


  1. That looks really lovely, but shame about the lack of baby facilities. Most campsites we have been to offer a baby bath and some private booths as well. Hope things will improve in that regard. Safe travels.

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  2. I agree about breaking the journey up into smaller chunks, even though we’re two retired travellers without babies, we still like to take the slow road and there’s not much pleasure in blasting along and missing all the details. Could you bath your baby in a washing up bowl like in the old days! 😉

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