Bye bye motorhome

It is a sad day, we have had to say goodbye to the motorhome. We have made the decision for two reasons, one I am on maternity leave and we wanted to free up some cash, and two, we decided it isn’t the right layout with two little people running all over the place!

So this is not goodbye forever, we will definitely get a new motorhome at some stage. Essentially we need more usable space. There just wasn’t enough in our old rig. Also sleeping arrangements started to become tricky with two children. We need something we can partition off on a night so we can sit and relax while the children sleep.

If you have any thoughts on layouts that work well with children please comment, I’d love to hear from you.

In the mean time, watch this space!

white car traveling near trees during daytime
Photo by Tim Gouw on


  1. Sorry to see you leave, hopefully not for long. We have an Auto-Trail Imala 734 which has two single beds at the back that can be partitioned off with a sliding door. They do a version with a front dinette with two extra travel seats and belts. Then there is an overcab double bed for you. Bessacar and Auto- Sleeper both do a similar layout. You get Tv point in back bedroom and drop down a TV in the front with Auto-Trail.
    Anyway good luck with the new additional Motorhomers.


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